About My Work

About Me

Traditional Forgework:

Work is hand forged using mild steel, wrought iron, copper and occasionally other metals. Since commercial production of wrought iron ceased in the last century, mild steel is used as an alternative, although recycled wrought iron can be purchased at a premium. Occasionally I am fortunate in being able to obtain small quantities of second-hand wrought iron for my work (e.g. the Dogon Granary Door Coffee Table). Mild steel or wrought iron is heated in my forge to temperatures that allow it to be hammered and manipulated into the desired form.

Roy Abbott's maker's stamp

Work I produce can easily be recognised as most pieces are personalized by my maker's stamp.

My work is not however limited to forgework; I also produce fine repoussé and metal sculptures.


Artist Blacksmith Repoussé
Artist Blacksmith Repoussé

Repoussé is a process of working with sheet metal; in my case usually copper. The technique involves 'sinking' and 'raising' the sheet by hammering, using special repoussé tools such as chasing hammers, punches and tracing tools of various shapes to create forms and details in the metal.


Artist Blacksmith Sculpture
Artist Blacksmith Sculpture

One of the techniques I use to create metal sculptures is the more contemporary approach of building up the form by use of strips of metal and oxy/acetylene weld. Others are produced traditionally from the forge.


Whilst practising Architecture I have incorporated hand forged metalwork into my architectural projects.

From an initial engineering background, I changed my profession to Architecture, spending 28 years in private practice, the latter 10 years as a partner of a Shrewsbury practice.

With a sound background of design inspired projects and as a watercolour artist, I decided to express my ideas in a more tangible form; metals became my medium and blacksmithing the art form.

Roy Abbott, Artist Blacksmith

Since building my own forge, workshop and studio in 1999, I have participated in several training courses at Herefordshire College of Technology, one of which was the New Entrants Training Scheme for which I was awarded the 'Certificate of Merit' by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths. For my final project of the course, a ram's head table, I was presented with the Addy Taylor Cup by the British Artist Blacksmith Association (BABA) - awarded for an outstanding piece of work.

In 2014 the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths awarded me their Diploma of Merit making me an Associate of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths (AWCB). In 2017 I became a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths (FWCB) and was delighted and privileged to receive the Company's Bronze Medal which gave me the title of 'Master Blacksmith'.

My work has been accepted by the Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft and I have also exhibited in Lichfield Cathedral.